Refueled by God

When I think about the word Refuel, I think about the meaning of the word, which is: “to supply again”. We are all called to worship the Lord and there are those who have been chosen to lead and usher people into the presence of God, and this is very weighty. It doesn't matter if you are called or chosen we all need to be “refueled” and “refreshed” in the presence of God again and again and again daily, it's our life line. We have to live in a place of knowing that without God's presence supplying us, fueling us, and filling us, we can not do what we were created to do effectively.

We have to remember that Jesus is the wellspring of life and through Him we are filled, refreshed, and given the grace to do what He's called us to do. We never want to lead people on talent alone, that will only take you so far and at that point you're operating in your own strength and not in God's strength. Think about it this way, when people purchase the most expensive and prestigious cars on the market, they don't purchase the car just for the look of it only. They know at some point the car has to operate at its full potential for which it was designed by the manufacturer, and the only way it can do that is to be fueled and supplied with gas, not just one time, but over and over and over again to serve the purpose for which it was made and to live up to its brand name.

“WE”, also as God's worshippers, His Levites, have a call and purpose, we have to run to the feet of Jesus daily to be supplied, refreshed, fueled, healed, loved on, poured out and poured into so we can effectively lead from a “pure place” and fulfill the purpose for which we were created by our Creator. This should always keep us humbled in the call for which we've been called, we can't do it without the Holy Spirit, and let me add this: I don't want to do it without the Holy Spirit. So, let's not get caught up on titles: “I'm a worship leader” or “I'm a worship pastor” etc. we're all called to be worshippers more in the private place than the public place. If we are more concerned with titles and the stage rather than being at His feet, our priority is all wrong. There has to be a heart change and shift because being at His feet is our first place and our first priority, it’s where we live!!

The calling for which we have been called to is weighty, but when we know and understand that the Spirit of God will lead us in ALL things, especially, the awesome responsibility of leading His people into His presence, we can rejoice in this.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is the Chief Worship Leader, we just follow.

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